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Construction of mine started back on 2 Feb this year. They need about 3 months for custom builds, plus shipping time, about a week to the US, but even that is way shorter then the Jackson, ESP, or B.C. Rich custom shops wait time. I could die of old age before they get finished. I ordered a custom Jackson KV-1 in 98' with the only thing different being the 6100 fret size and it took forever.

If you E-mail Ran Guitars with their custom price quote from the web site then Dariusz ( great guy to work with ) will answer any question about shipping cost, build time, and fine details after his first reply. Also, their custom price includes a hard shell case. They can do just about anything.

Tomarrow it should be finished and on its way to me. Once I get it, ask as much as you like about it. US custom shops are nice but they really try to butt rape you with cost and wait time, so I would like to help a fellow Metalhead from this happening to them.
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