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Yup, the shipping wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be either, but it did cost me an extra $35 to convert and transfer the money to them. They had not become an official member of th unified Europe when I ordered so I couldn't use paypal with them. Everything has changed over there now I think, so if you do get one it might be easier to pay for it. If not then let me know and I can give you some info about getting the money to them.

The Kalher was brand new and I sent it to them for instellation ( another $15 ). I found it on E-bay ages back and was saving it for just this kind of thing!

Thanks for letting me know you like it, BLS. I will post here again once I get it and let everyone know if it really rocks or not. I pray it does because I have never bought a guitar without first playing it.
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