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Mithotyn-The old rover

I think these lyrics make for the perfect finish of a life. I dont think many people here have heard these guys, so heres the lyrics just in case.

"I'm an old rover tired of this world let me follow the whirlpool of life into the world of happiness that lies on the other side of death. Grant me my deepest wish that I patiently yearn for. To wander the vales of solitude and to ride the sky on invisible wings. I will keep the spying hawk company and bleed with the dove in its claws. I will hunt with the wolfpack and share pain with the deer in their jaws. A tired and travelled old man I am, my mind is rich but my health is poor. Let me begin my final trip, my soul will fly free forever more. For many decades I've walked this world now it's time to pass it on to the younger generations, as I leave with great expectations."
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