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emg-hz... wtf?!

I have a Kerry King Sig. Series B.C Rich (Not the starter guitar) and they have EMG HZ's in them and i was wondering what kind of asshole would put emg hz's in a guitar? After using them i realized that they are by far the worst pick ups in the world.

I rarely can hit a pinch harmonic and when i do it quickly turns to feed back, ill admit i dont have the best amp but my other guitar with 2 power sound humbuckers i can nail them easly.

Anyway I was wondering if theres anyway I can fix it maybe with a EQ pedal or should i just get new pic ups? I was thinking about going Duncan because ive heard nothing but good shit about them. Also if I change pick ups how would i go about changing them sence i have a floyd rose and should i go active or not? thanks

nÝrthern dragon
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