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Originally Posted by Bones98
well, to me its sounds like Brodequin during "prelude to execution." as for what Nihilist said, I rather stick to my good ol' Cinerary EP i have instead of buying this. I know that the drums and vocals are the reasons I want to buy it but the album would get boring pretty soon.

i agree with u ,the cd is really brutal and fast but like most of extreme bands the stuff will be boring to heard at x listenings...
for that i recommend to u ...FERMENTO "insignia" very innovate ,many changes tempos and of course DARK ,FAST AND BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u can find some type of immo bizarre riffs..some "matti way" vocals and some other too.. u can listen this cd 1000 times without get boring(well ..its a fact..that i know to make my own promotion.. ,but i never lie)
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