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Well, I was sceptic about it, but I went to the show anyway and man did it suck! Absolutely the worst show I've ever been to. Deicide of course wasen't there, but even superjoint wasent too hot. Me and my two other friends left after the second superjoint tune. First time I've heard them and it'll be the last. Yeah, Phil Anselmo, being all high and what not, mocking Deicide there. Oh, wait till Glen Benton finds this out. Its a good thing that Deicide didn't play cause all the bands sucked.
A waste of time and money. I could of been working.
Or tabbing music at home. I know you guys above mentioned Deicide not being there, but I wanted to make sure. First band was Slithyrn or whatever, young teenagers playing some heavy shit. Not too bad, but not my style. Then the next band, Zeke, or some crazy ass name, really sucked. The damn guitarist had to keep tuning his guitar on every tune!..the bass had to keep messing around with his amp. The guitarist(who also does vocals) fuckin sucked! He was more or less speed talking throughout the whole show instead of singing. Sounded like they were a Motorhead wannabe. Absolutely, the worst band I've ever heard.
I was so pissed when I found out for sure Deicide wasen't coming. I'll catch them again soon anyhow. Glen Benton will know what is going on.
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