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"Dark Haired Ocean's Daughter"

Awright. I remember reading someones comments about pretty things like bunnies, butterflies, and little girls swimming or something like that so it gave me a idea. I looked around to see who it was so I could give them the credit for the inspiration of this. It isn't anything spectacular but enjoy the read.

"Dark Haired Ocean's Daughter"

Pretty little dark haired girl
Swims beneath the sea
Looks around at all the fish
Feels at home with them

Not a scavanger bothers her
No 'cudas or vicious eel
She plays in and out of the waves
Dives to the deepest depths.

Seems Posiedon was her father
Never knew her mom
But she's never missed much
In the deep blue she calls home

Dressed in a seaweed suit
Trimmed in bright fish scales
She races with her companions there
Little dark haired one

But a drop of blood is a calling card
For a predator grey and sleek
And she's but a small thing
Doesn't see what's coming

But she feels a bump against her foot
And turns to face fear
Those dull eyes unfeeling
Carnivore of the deep

It turns and swims in a circle
Speeds up as it comes near
Open mouthed , bared rows of teeth
I shudder at the thought

The blood is oozing through the water
Bits of raw flesh everywhere
Bubbled invisiblity
Stomach satisfied

Streamlined through the water
Dipping high and low
Leaps onto a solid rock
Smiles and picks her teeth with a bone

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