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dying oath and malevolent--This was from a post at tabrawler L/P where I also posted it. Maybe it'll shed some light for ya.
" "What was your subtle thing though, the reincarnation/past life memory theme or the fantasizing versus reality escapism thing?? "
--It was sort of both. The setting was taken from my memories last year when we went to the Chicago Museum of Natural History and saw the wonderful exhibition of Egyptology that was on loan from the British Museum. If it ever comes that way ,go see it. And they also had their own tomb constructed that you could walk through and it had lots of artifacts, too. That was a permanent exhibit there.

The female character was just there and the man from the past knew what was going to happen ,he was waiting for her, but she had no idea. She was just fascinated by how interested he was in the item. Then the transformation that she thought was her imagination started to unfold. As soon as their eyes met it was like she knew that there was some connection or they'd known each other before.
And to tell you the truth I got so involved writing it I was just about in the same shape as the character when I was done with it. That's why the closure wasn't on a tragic note. My stomach was knotted up and I had tears rolling. "

It was basically a man who lived long ago that came back to let his woman know he still loved her thousands of years later even though they couldn't be together. I'm a romantic at heart.

Powers' and Best' War'-- Ya think you're in touch with your feminine side enough to know that? I wouldn't go as far as a 'wet dream' but a very sweet, romantic love would be right.
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