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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
You kissed me and looked at me head to toe,
Still a smile upon your face as you nodded approval
Like the final brushstroke had just been completed.
You took a step backward and then another and another.
I blinked and all eyes had turned to you.
Then they began to go to their respective places of fixture
Upon the walls again.
I felt a panic strike my heart
And I felt almost breathless anxiety overtake me.
You still smiled, but I felt pure fear
As I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
I reached out my upturned hand
But couldn't reach you.
And you stepped into the scene as well.
Your face profiled,
But still the same expression.
You were gone.
I sat on the marble floor inside the tomb

It seemed pretty "cute" and "sweet" until...yeah haha.
The first two lines quoted here made me want to beat some guys up for ya. But hey, I guess it turned out nice for ya at the end...although it sounded like a chick's wet dream imagination going wild...
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