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ease up on the dude man, he just had a question.

I've got a 5150 II, and i love it. Brutal warm distortion, and it's less noisy than the 5150 (especially after new tubes, cuz stock tubes suck). The 5150 II is also more versatile, becuase it has two separate EQs, plus the clean channel has a mode to go into "crunch", which is a distorted rhythm channel. Though the 5150 does sound different, in my opinion neither one sounds better, just a bit different. Despite what people may say, they do not have the same internal circuits, but alas they do sound very similar. In case you were wondering who uses them besides EVH...Jesper from In Flames uses the 5150 II and Bjorn uses the 5150. Arch Enemy also uses 5150s. I think i read that Chimaira uses 5150s. If you want a similar amp to the 5150 series that's even more versatile, try the peavey XXX or the new Joe Satriani Signature (basically a super-modified XXX).

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