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Originally Posted by Machines_Of_Hate
Finntroll - Kitteldags
Finntroll - Rivfader

man, i went to see these live a few years back and i found one of there old cds JAKTENS TID, i gave it a listen and man its soo cool

Those songs rule

I also play Amorphis - Black Winters Day
easy and catchy...

Kreator - Coma of Souls
Blind Guardian - Noldor
and a few Eternal Tears of Sorrow songs...
In Flames - Jester's Dance (my favorite)
other In Flames... and C.O.B. that shit is so fun!
also Sy. X,
Nightwish are REALLY fun!!! great grooves....
and i can't wait to learn some Eidolon songs... they rip!
haven't played any King Diamond/Merc Fate in a while, but enjoyed them in the past
and of course some maiden is always nice...
and Helloween... Gamma Ray... :-D
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