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Awesome techinque

This exercise improves both speed and accuracy. Plus it is also a great work out for your fingers if you reapet it a couple of times youll feel the burn (especialy if your a begginer). you use the number of the fret as what number finger your gonna use if you dont know what im talking about,

Ex. 1=index


In time youll see an amazing in provement u can do this all over the fret board not just on the first four frets.remember use the fingers stated by the fret (only if your doing them on the first four we dont have finger # 12 and stuff just use sane pattern) even if you are tempted to use the index or any other finger in the 3rd fret in the 3rd fret dont. same goes for the fourth fret use the pinky only. you should also repeat it backwards.this exercise will be hard at first but IN TIME itll become easier and see improvement in your speed and accuracy. wish i knew this exercise since the beginning.

Hope u guys like it and that its useful

P.S. although they appear like a waste of money those grip master things really do work.
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