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Rr1 - my white '93 RR1 that before I took all the electronics / hardware out. I just put it all back together again today and strung it up and played it for about 2 hours straight. Plays really nice now that I cleaned up the trem and adjusted a lot of other stuff (action, intonation, etc)

Bass01 - Me playing my MTD 4 string at a gig a few months ago with my death metal band.

08se06 - Picture of me looking stoned from a gig last monday with my melodic metal band. Playing my black RR1T... Take note of the Triple XXX and Bogner cab... Unfortunately my noise gate kept turning off and blasting the monitors / crowd with feedback but overall it was a killer gig. That RR1T stays in tune so nicely. I checked my tuning between a few songs to make sure I was precisely in tune and I didn't drift away from my original tuning at all.

Can't find any decent pictures of my Kramer Les Paul copy or of my Y2KV.
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