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Originally Posted by Enviedbynone
Nice guitars all, and now for a laugh for all of you, a pic of my old Ibanez RG 470 with an EMG-81 at 27v
I know you all are going to ask "what the hell is it covered in, and well, its a duct tape, and there have been some custom modifications done to it, so far the wiring is changed, but there is an EMG now, the lower horn has been cut and flipped over and soon as I change my strings I am filing down the heel joint, it is an older RG so it has a strat style joint, I want to make that slightly smaller and more rounded.

as well, here are a few pics of old guitars of mine (as in I dont own anymore)
an Ibanez S series
a Jackson Kelly
Ibanez AX7221 (suggestions to all, avoid these they are terrible)

Is that the offspring guitar? or did you wrap it in duck tape yourself?? Either way it looks badass
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