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Well, i've only recently become used to playing Pinch Harmonics. When i did start getting them, it happened only on teh lighter strings, like the first 3. ANything thicker than my G string (hehe, sooo tempting) and i just sounded muffled. So i'd say start on the lighter strings, and once you get those, move on to thicker strings, and further down the fretboard, by that i mean getting closer and closer to the first few frets.......soon you'll be able to get them anywhere, even open strings. They're a great addition to heavy riffs......adds a creepy effect to them!

But like atif said, the position where you pick the string varies a lot. I find the closer i go to the neck, the less of a good sound i get. I'd say teh best spot (on my guitar at least, probably varies from one to another) is where the middle pickup would be or is. I've got one, and it's pretty much just on the edge of the middle pickup, on the side of the neck pickup too. Whatever, just try it out'll take a lot of time though. Took a few months for me at least.
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