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Everyone's first guitar with a floyd rose styled trem system is a big pain in the ass. The first one I had I was fed up with but the next one was much easier since I gained a lot of experience. Its all about setting up the proper spring tension so it all balances out and everything stays in tune properly.

This can be accomplished by wedging something in under your floyd to balance it out flat and then tuning it to your favored tuning.. Then from there you adjust the spring tension until when you remove the wedge the floyd stays in place and the tuning doesn't change... You do that once and you won't have to worry about tuning your guitar (other than fine tuning) until you restring pretty much.

Be careful where you bring your guitar in to get it set up for you though. Sometimes people at Guitar Center or other big stores don't know what the hell they're talking about. I just did this for a friend who had a Licensed Floyd Rose and set it up properly and the guys at guitar center told him to adjust the neck until he got his guitar in the proper tuning and showed him how to adjust it... Wtf!?
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