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Originally Posted by Exodus666
Yep... but there's a limit ... I guess about 24 cans or something.. it's on your ticket or a paper with guidelines or something (last year it was)

last year they checked near the entrance, I had 8 cans in my backpack and they didn't see it, had two in my pants and one in my sweater too.

we had a tray in the car so we just walked back and forth, one time sanderinos and me got caught though, so they stole our beer and told us to buy it at the taps.

those where 'Maes' or something which really, really sucked. terrible beer...

so anyways, you can smuggle it in, if you're smart you'll do that, don't get caught though because the bastards steal your beer.

the camping sucked last year, loads of fags, I knew a bunch of guys who where on there, I'm not gonna go camping for sure, I'll prolly only be there on saturday, but I'm not sure yet, might wanna go 3 days, but I fucking hate camping, especially with bullshit people like the ones that go to festivals every 5 years and act like annoying cunts, so I have to kick their asses once more.
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