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Originally posted by death_rattle89
do tube amps neccesarily have a better distortion sound than solidstate amps?

No. Then again,it depends what kind of distortion you want. Seventies overdrive or death metal chugging power.

A tube amp is supposed to sound better when you have to play loud. I'm just speaking about the volume here though. (poweramp)

Metal distortion is something that is created by a preamp. Preamps can be solidstate or tube.

Most players use solidstate preamps and tube poweramps.
For example: Boss Metalzone or SuperOverdrive into a Marshall tube head. (Zakk Wylde,Kerry King,Trey Azagtoth) The tube head will be set on the clean channel or on the lead channel with no gain on.

Some players use alltube preamps and poweramps. The tube heads must then be able to deliver enough gain on their own.
For example: Most Mesa Boogie (=Metallica,Testament) and Peavey 5150 (Machinehead on their first album) users.

Lastly some use completely solidstate distortion with great results.
For example: Dimebag Darrel - Pantera (Randall), Dino Cazares - Fear Factory (Line 6).

Some people think that all solidstate amps are crap but that's mainly because the only solidstate amps they've played are cheap Marshalls(Valvesates),Peaveys(Transtubes) or Crates(don't know their name).

Oh yeah and there IS a big difference between a Metalzone plugged in a 15watt Valvestate and a Metalzone plugged in a JCM800 or Mesa Rectifier.
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