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I own an instructional video by michael angelo who is the number one shredder of all time. The whole video is basically about speed. Go to if you want to order it.

Some of the tips he gives are dont take your fingers too far off the string when you pull it off so u have less distance to put it back on, keep all your fingers close to the strings at all times. Use very thick picks, no flexibility at all. Flexibility creates wasted pick movement. DOnt make any unneccessary movements with your picking hands, just enuf to pick the note.

Here are two of the excersizes. Start slow and eventually you will be able to blaze. Repeat it over and over again if you hadnt already figured that out.
Excersize 1 Excersize 2
------------------------ | --------------12-14-15-15-14-12--------
If these were helpful and you want more just say so and i will post some
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