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Originally Posted by powersofterror
haha I never noticed your sig before, hahahahahha.

this is what I think:

1. only registered users vote
2. REQUIRES a vote BEFORE you leave the tab, that way you WILL get a sufficient amount of votes.....sorta like paying for a porn site, but getting the free trial...
...but after that first vote, you can't vote again, so it's final. And if the vote comes with a dumb comment, the tab mods can delete the vote altogether.
3. Along with the vote, must have a comment, not "sucks balls", etc., but this note here is wrong, yadda yadda yadda..
4. the second the tab is posted into the "Pending Tabs" forum, the tab gets locked, cause there's no need for it to get a comment there, just look it up in the home page to comment and vote.
5. If the solo can't be done, then the rest of the song must be tabbed.

On the problem of voting, I first thought about a requirement to vote if you view a tab but I don't think it would work. It would mean that the mods would have to moderate after each hit that a tab on the site receives. There are roughly 5'000 tabs on the site and even if each tab gets just one hit a day, that's a lot of moderating of comments to be done for only a handful of guys.

I think maybe the solution to voter apathy could be resolved by advertising the voting facility more obviously. Maybe a sign on the homepage could read something like:

"Here at we strive to be the best metal tablature site on the net. However, we are always looking to improve the quality of our archive and in order to do this we need your honest feedback. So please take the time to vote for any tabs that you view and are familiar with. It's this feedback that can help us to maintain the high standards we have set at Thanks."

Or something like that.

Maybe we could all include a note at the top of our tabs asking people to vote and comment. It could be incorporated into the tab template (something else will have to be worked out for PT) and read something like:

"If you like this tab then please take the time to give it a rating and make a short comment. Even if you don't like it, please still vote and include a brief comment as to why. Thanks."

I think with these regular encouragements we might manage to get an increase in voting.
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