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Inverted: I'm not attacking you personally or anything, but I'd like to make afew points about the Power Tab Editor.

I tried to use PTEditor and found it clumsy. I did not find it very user friendly at all. Also, the whole point of being able to tab something is not to show off your skills, but so others can learn songs. Learning songs is annoying in PTEditor (although watching the notes being highlighted is useful). All I wanted to do was slow down or pause the MIDI playback, or changing the position would have been good; but no, the only way I could slow it down was to use a tempo marker. And they've been rambling on about how they're putting drums in and making a separate power tab player for several years now, and where is it?

On top of that, I have 2 soundcards, a SB16 and another brand new 6.1 channel card, and neither have a MIDI pitch wheel. So all bends and slides are left out in the MIDI playback. (And if you try to look at the specs of cards to see if they have a MIDI pitch wheel, they rarely tell you).

Plus I have also seen some stoopid kids that don't have album recordings of songs, just going and learning off the sound of the power tab. They don't want get caught up in the satanic lyrics, but they want to shred metal on their guitar; now that annoys me. And quite afew power tabs have mistakes I have noticed, so those idiots learn the songs wrong anyway lol.

I admit, the quality and content of a power tab is better than a regular tab, but there are way more normal tabs on the net. I don't think most metalheads want to go through the learning curve of the program, it's just easier to peck away at the keyboard in notepad, and leave some of the detail for the player to fill in. I personally ditched the program, as my timing is good enough to compensate for the inadequacies of regular tabs. But it's good to see that you're trying to expand the collection of power tabs to metal. Maybe when the program is updated, and if more metalheads start tabbing in the program, I might come back and use it one day.
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