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he's pretty good for a 22-yr old!!! i mean kerry king is what? like 45 and the alexi guy is nearly as good as him

- RomikQ

Whaaa??? Really???? I don't listen to much Slayer at all, but I've never been impressed with Kerry King, not in the least... his solos just don't seem to go anywhere, and just seem like a rip-fest, with no emotion or relevance to the song at all.

But, of course, keep in mind that I've only heard about 6 Slayer songs. Maybe he is great... but I dunno....... I don't think that anyone alive today can touch Laiho. I've listened to almost every popular metal band on the face of the Earth, and Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho has them all beaten.

And of course, beauty (and I suppose talent), is in the eye of the beholder... a guitar player may seem God-like to one person, while only average to another. I know that Slayer has a HUGE following, so this is probably the case with Kerry King...

I'll be sure to listen to more of his playing in the near future. He's probably better than I've ever given him credit for!
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