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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Seems like a good idea to me. The user comments will give anyone viewing the tab an idea of how the tab has been received by other members and could possibly influence a more accurate vote rather than just an ignorant click of 1.

A log of who voted would be a good idea too because that would also encourage people to be honest with their votes and not deliberately give a tab a low score out of petulance.

How about that a tab is required to have at least one vote from a mod? There are a few mods around so taking the time to rate a tab of a song that they are familiar with shouldn't take too long. Each tab could have a "moderated by ---" tag and the respective vote. I think this would also influence people to vote honestly and would give every tab at least one vote and therefore a rating. Maybe this would be too time consuming for the mods, but I think it would be a good feature.

A voting log is a great idea!

Also, how about moderating all user comments? This can be easily implemented with vB engine but will add some work to moderators.
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