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The fretless sound in a nutshell is sort of a "mwah" sound. The notes sort of swell versus just the straightforward attack of the fretted. You don't have the attack or snap of a fretted bass. A good fretless (I've got a Zon) tends to be a lot more versatile than a fretted but you have to practice your intonation to master it. Took me a while before I could get somewhat decent on it. In my opinion, there's a lot more techniques you can use with a fretless.
Otherwise, the volume is the same as a can get it to swell slowly or not. Tapping is not necessarilly easier...I find it a bit harder
A good example of the fretless sound would be Steve DiGiorgio on Death's Individual Thought Patterns. He was using an ESP fretless. His sound is pretty outfront. Otherwise not too much fretless in metal, mostly jazz.
As far as the greatest fretless or fretted player ever...Jaco Pastorius.
Michael Manring does some insane fretless work as well (while going through a 100 tunings in one song).
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