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The problem with powertab, is it's a complicated program to use. Many people will have a very hard time learning it at first. Thats what I'm here for. To help. I feel that a segregated forum will be absoluely nessacary. Esspecially in the long term. Trust me, it will grow outta control just as the regular tab forum did a year ago. As far as Gtp4 goes, it can rot for all I care... But they could be in the same forum as powertab. I don't like the program. I will however, be happy to take care of any forum needed. I'm more concern with how much work you'd have to do Nomad. That I understand.

Another problem with one forum is it will get WAY too disorganized and confusing. I'm also concerned with the archieving of these new tabs. Shouldn't there be a way to veiw ONLY powertabs or gtp or even plain text for that matter?
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