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Yea I get that sometimes. I hear a song and I'm like, "No way in hell my fingers can do that!"

I thought that about a ton of songs. And then someday you have the necessary skills and dexterity to play it, and you'll surprise yourself. i'm trying to learn the rest of the riffs to Pantera, Psycho Holiday. Its not an overly hard song. But this part is pretty fast and i just got done learning the notes. Now to step up the speed.

9/8 |-----|-----|--------------------------------------|| |-----|-----|--------------------------------------|| |-----|-----|----------------------------------7---|| |--%--|--%--|-6-4--------------6-4-------------7---|| |-----|-----|-----6-5-4-5----------6-5-4-5---------|| |-----|-----|-------------7-4--------------7-4-----|| s s s s s s s e. s s s s s s s s e E { 6 } { 6 }

Hope it looks ok.
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