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Originally Posted by DEAD
I have a question about fingering.

When you have a basic sweep like this:


What is teh best way to finger thoes 14s and 10s? With one finger (making it a bit harder to mute the notes after you play them) or with sepereate finger (making it harder to actualy finger the notes)?

I barre them with one finger and employ a sort of rolling motion that allows you to fret the notes easily while still muting the notes once they've been played. As always, it takes a lot of practise to get this down perfectly but in my opinion it's the best method once you've mastered it.

SpikyHairz: They'll just be playing the same scale but in a different position up or down the fret board. You should learn a scale for the whole fretboard and not just in one position. It will take time to know it off by heart but it will allow you to play a lot more fluidly.
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