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Angry Shun me for being both

Shunning me, shunning you. Shala lala la la. *Deep voiced*.

I play both styles. Both pick and pickless. Mostly finger style though. I think that's more natural and gives you more freedom, especially when playing funky shit.

For straight ahead 16th note stuff I prefer a pick. Could do without one easily, but it just has a really nice raw edge. Oh and one thing, if you play distorted, a pick will sound better. I'm referring to Type O Negative's sound.

A guy like Flea plays with a pick nowadays. And that man is known for his thumb 'n finger style. He's just exploring new area's and possibilities of music. Hell, Peter Steele often plays with a wine bottle! Go try a comb, a fridge or even a flame thrower yourself. To hell with common sense. Everything for a good, fresh sound.

Shun yerself first.
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