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Originally Posted by mctriple
the 36 fret guitars that ive seen are dumb. the frets past 28 are useless except for the octave notes. i guess those are neat. hell ya for fretless bass strings

He had 36 frets so he could be the first to record the whole of Vivaldi's Four Seasons on guitar. A few weeks after he got the guitar, another guitarist with a 36 fretted guitar released it though, which he was obviously very pissed off about.

I'll quote him about the endless sustain.
"the sustain is INHUMAN! - we tested it - you can do a virtually endless tone! just turn the amp up to a certain degree and the guitar picks up the vibes and the tone last forever - and its NOT a feedback! the guitar has overtones on spots where i have never been able to produce overtones on any other guitar. even the last 36th fret does sound great! "

He's Azrael by the way.
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