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Yeah, that's a good link there BLS.

When I initially got my Stealth, it was somewhat out of tune. I wasn't familiar enough with the Kahler so what I ended up thinking is that you could only tune with the pegs. Well, when I loosened the locking nut with the allen key, the high E snapped right at the locking nut (one locking nut per 2 strings = 3 locking nuts total). I've changed the strings since then and now know to tune a step or two flat before tightening the locking nut. I don't know the reason why it would snap, the high E was flat to start of with.

I noticed a significant increase in playability from my Strat to my Stealth. It's much simpler to palm mute and tremelo pick, with increased speed. The reason may be that the kahler ball bearing rollers are set high, above the guitar, which makes it feel like a much more natural hand position for metal (It's a shredder guitar by design). How are the other bridges with comfort and playability with respect to hand position?

Also, the my intonation is off a bit and there is some buzzing. I am willing to mess around with the Kahler (floating) bridge, reading the technical info on the websites, to help me out.

Another question is this: I bring in my acoustic for a setup and it costs $35 CAN (plain old bridge). If I screw up my settings on my Stealth, do you think they will charge me extra (because it's more time consuming)? What happens with the stores that you guys go to for your setups? What if the guitar techs are not proficient, they wouldn't charge by the hour, would they?I can easily call up my stores but I would like to know how your stores operate with these situations.

PS: My stealth kicks ass.
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