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1. LAMB OF GOD "In The Absence Of The Sacred"
2. Pig Destroyer "Scatology Homework"
3. Pig Destroyer "Terrifyer"
4. Suffocation "Torn Into Enthrallment"
5. The Berzerker "Death Reveals"
6. SlipKnot "Eyeless" (FUCK YOU!)
7. Forever Is Forgotten "Tied To A Strangers Hand"
8. Slayer "Angel Of Death"
9. PanterA "Drag The Waters"
10. Cepharnaun "Fractured"
11. Nile "Unas Slayer Of The Gods"
12. Opeth "Blackwater Park"
13. Opeth "Deliverance"
14. Hatebreed "Last Breathe"
15. Evanescence "My Immortal" (I dont give a fuck if its not metal or everyone hates them. that piano is awesome on that song and it was played at one of my ex girlfriends funeral. It's my "guilty pleasure" song I guess)
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