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Originally Posted by johnmansley
I've just had a look at the submitting form and it seems like a very good change to the tab posting process. Just a few questions though:

Is it still possible to edit the tab once you've posted it or do we have to re-post the tab as an update every time we want to add a change? I continually edit my tabs in the tab posting forum and it seems that if an edit facility isn't available in the Pending forum that the forum could get cluttered with many different updates of the same song.

Am I correct in saying that once the tabs are uploaded to the main site they are deleted from the Pending forum?

I take it that since we will have already entered the band/song/etc details from the menus that we just need to copy and paste the tab along with the tab legend from now on? Is it still OK to give a short introduction to the tab?

Also, how will the tabs be linked to their authors? Will there be a list of submitted tabs in our personal profiles or will there be an option to search by author in the Pending forum?

Sorry for all the questions!!!

As I say, this seems like an improvement to the tab submitting process and if it speeds up getting tabs onto the site then it can only be a good thing. Good stuff!

Thanks for the questions I'll try to answer them one by one:

1. Editing.
In the future (I would say a month or so) you will have the possibility to see your tabs in the profile. There'll be an edit link next to each tab. In the mean time you will need just to resubmit your corrections, but I assure you this is a temporary solution.

2. Archiving + deleting.
Nope. The corresponding thread will be just locked. However in the future I might clean up very old threads. And anyway, I'm open for your suggestions...

3. Linking.
I was thinking about top tabbers list + the list of the tabs by author + probably the number of the tabs submitted next to your Location. Any other ideas?...

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