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Well we've heard the downsides now, if you break a string, you're fucked.

if you detune a lot, don't even think about getting a floyd, it takes a while to adjust.

I don't care because I allways use the same tuning and same strings, my setup is perfect for me and I can't imagine playing without a trem... theres a LOT of differences in the floyds, the OFR's, old Edges, new edges, licenced, the worst I've had was the one they have in the jackson dinky (korean) those trems are terrible, same goes for most ibanez's nowadays, I'm really happy with my old edge on my RG though, they only put descent edges on the vai models and shit these days, just compare a rg550 to a vai and check out the difference in trem, no wonder the edge stays in tune better.

I've played the esp haneman, which has a great kahler trem, it didn't feel much more sturdy then my edge though, but it surely wasn't crap, I've had some guitars without trems which got out of tune more then my RG, I love my edge...
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