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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Could you write out the phonetic ways (or words they rhyme with) of saying the notes that end in a vowel? I've noticed that when I say or sing mi and me, for example, that they both sound the same the way I pronounce it (ie, rhyming with "tea").

By the way, I think that the tonic system is much better than just singing every note as La. We used to sing every scale using just la in school and it got very boring, not to mention we didn't know which scale we were singing. Also, when you sing la and then le you can definitely tell that you've flattened the note, whereas you can't tell at all by singing just la all the time.

Glad you like to learn the way I sing...

do, as in doe
re, as in ray
mi, as in take "me" to the ball game
fa, as in fallen
sol, as in soul
la, as in french when you say "la maison"
ti, as in tea

me, as in the month of May
le, as in lay down
te, as in tay... I said before, add an "aye" sound to minors and "eeee" to Major sounds...with the exceptions that I said ealier.
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