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both my ibanezs have the licensed floyds, i disabled them both. one by placing screws on the inside and taking out the springs, and weird complicated shit. it wouldnt be to hard to undo, but it was a pain to do, so in my other ibanez, i've wedged a jenga block in it.
the only reason i disabled them is because everytime i broke one string the tuning of the rest of the strings would go up about a half step, making me completely out of tune with the other guitarist so i couldnt play the rest of the song unless i had a backup guitar.
i like the availablity of a whammy and stuff. but seeing how crazy i get at practice and on stage, i broke strings quite a bit, so staying in tune when i broke a string was a bigger priority to me. besides, theres a "whammy" pedal .
i love ibanezs, but i didnt have the option of an rg or pgm without a floyd style trem. so i did what i had to do, sorry stevie ray.
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