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In my opinion the Floyd Rose tremolo are by far the worst with the exeception of the Vintage style system. They have the least amount of adjusting options in comparision to other systems (ie Kahler Flatmounts, and Wonderbars). Also when you use it, the string height changes, it may not be much in most cases but its enough to be annoying. Also the the Fine tuners are just barely in the way enough to get rubbed occasionally. I have also found that they dont palm mute as well as others. And since its a floating system its the biggest pain in the ass to change your tuning.

Now my 2nd favorite tremolo bridge is the Kahler Flatmount. It has a nice feel. individual saddle height adjustment, something the floyd rose doesnt have. the string height is the same whether your playing normal or have the whammy bar pushed all the way to the body. Since its not a floating system, you can change tuning much much easier. Palm muting is also very good too.

My favorite tremolo is the Washburn Wonderbar. it takes the kahler a step further. its a true flatmount, so it will mount to anything without routing. it has individual saddle height adjustment, the intonation adjustment has the widest adjustment range. The fine tuners are mounted horizontal so there out of the way. Again since its not a floating system, changing the tuning is really easy. String height is constant like on the Kahler. Its a shame they stopped making them.

Sorry for all you people out there that like the Floyd Rose. This is just my opinion
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