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Ugh....I might have to dish out money for this again this year. Ozzfest is usually pretty expensive, dammit. But I definitly need to see this. I've already seen Unearth and LoG at Hellfest last year. I'd surely go to see LoG again this year. They tore Hellfest apart, and I loved every minute of it. Definitly need to see Slayer, Dimmu, ETID, and God Forbid. I guess I could live without the rest of them.

And hey, maybe I can sneak over to Lacuna Coil's tour bus and knock boots with Cristina. Meow.

But I'm really looking forward to this years Hellfest, 65-70 bucks for three days of like...100 bands, thats like..the price of one day at Ozzfest. Downfall is more injuries from the hardcore kids. Upfall(?) is the rampant stage diving that will ensue.
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