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(Leg) Positioning versus basspedal

I was just wondering about things...

What is the best angle of your leg on the pedal so you get the fastest beats with the smallest effort? Any rules about this? Yeah I know I never had any classes

* Like 90 (straight on it) ?

* Or "bent over" your pedal so your knee reaches over your foot (so you actually have all of your leg's weight on your foot)?

* Or "sitting behind" like you're sitting further away from the drum, so you need to put your shin and foot a little bit forward to reach the pedal?

Also, for regular bassbeats (so no heel/toe), where do you actually hit the pedal? Pressing at the far (high) end of the pedal or merely in the beginning? I've tried both ways but it seems like both have their advantages.
What do you guys prefer?
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