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Originally Posted by Def
thanks Darko,

Freek, how's the trem on your RG? my 750 is from '89 when this was the same as the prestige series is now, it has the original Edge (I) trem, stays in tune after weeks of abuse and its just as sturdy as an OFR!! shame Ibanez quit making them to cut cost on the RG's... I played an new 550 last week and the trem was crap

anyways, I found a old pic of my strat too, it has more stickers now and a cleaned fretboard, bunch of new strings, a nice seymourduncan hotrail in the bridge position too, but the guitar looks pretty much the same overall (crap, like any strat)

the trem needed springs because i use 11's and it came factory strung with 9's. well the bridge does good i can tell you that, as long as you have everything locked, and the srtings stretched, it will not go out of tune. definately a good trem.

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