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Rhodes/24 frets


I was told the average Rhodes deosn't have 24 frets because the body is so short, there isn't enough room for the neck pickup, or at least not enough for the neck to truely be a neck pickup...

Obviously it doesn't bother some people cos quie a few Rhodes bodied guitars have been made with 24 frets.

The people that said/supported this theory also said the result in having a pickup right under the 24th fret and thus the octave meant you sometimes got weird shit happening harmonically.... but 22 frets are probably the most common number, so I don't know how often this can occur. :S


Also, I heard that Alexi stopped using Jackson because Jackson no longer have a distributor in Finland (they are Finnish right? If not, it's whatever country he's from) and thus turned to ESP.


Either way, the Rhodes shape fuckin' slays!!!
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