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Originally posted by G_urr_A
WTF?? 10s in C? I've got 11s on my KE3 which is in Eb, and I bought the thickest stuff my local guitar shop had (13s) for my C-tuned guitar, and that feels sloppy as hell. Oh, well, to each his own, I guess...

its 10-52, the low C is fairly stiff, but the higher strings are not, but they arent slacked to hell either. I was learning some Arch Enemy songs and the one guitar player uses 10-52's in C on a Caparison Custom model guitar.

I perfer lighter strings on my guitars anyways, specially the high strings, the little thicker low strings are nice too. its not like I am using 8's like Yngwie Malmsteen does either, lol.
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