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I'm not going to measure in inches and shit, on my 4 string bass it's fairly low, tuned to full D, I like the tone the bass gives me with low action, gives it a bit more twang.
on my 5 string bass the action is pretty medium I guess, if you get a too low action on your 5 string you'll sound like fieldy the moron slapper (and you don't want that)

on my guitar it's medium too, I guess a bit on the high side even, however I have the high strings setup a tad lower then the low strings (easy acces to higher notes) I've got a .52-.10 (EB skinny top, heavy bottom) set on it, tuned in full D, on a strat with a seymour duncan hotrail bridge pu.
Got a jackson dkmg with emg's tuned in E with 46-9 on it, Dr strings.
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