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Originally posted by Mordor
Iits worth lookin into. If you don't like it, you can always send it back. Anyway if your thinkin of buyin it, wait for it, to go on sale. The price drops from around $600 to $399.

Awesome, thanks. I was looking at the Baretta with the infinity sustainer on it as well, I quite like those things, I would end up putting it into my RG though and re-arranging the current Kramer pickups, but I would hate to have 3 9V batteries in my RG ( I already have en EMG-81 in the bridge, no other pickups)

I was just thinking if they are even worth looking into at the price tag, usually most guitars at anywhere around 300 bucks suck some serious ass, and just about everything on that site is 300 bucks.
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