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shit... now i remeberd... i just had the weirdest dream....

okay, so i was going to the lowlands festival or something, but apparently, it was taken over by an evil wizard (stop laughing)... so the evil wizard sayd you have to get your swiming license (again) in order to do anything...
so we had to camp out in the swimingpool (bad idea, it was haunted) and i nearly drowned because i can't swim with boots on....

then i met the evil wizard, who wanted to teach me magic (but i already knew) and i possesed an troll, wich actualy went on and nearly killed himself by jumping into the river (so i somersaulted out of his back and exorsisted myself)

I forgot a lot of this dream, but in the end myself and The Children of Bodom band had to battle the evil wizard in an arena....

yes, i know my dreams suck...(i hope this is the last time i sleep till almost 5 pm)
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