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Arrow Marshalls AVT 275..

My parents went out for the day so i decided to snoop around and see what they had got me for Christmas, it turns out they've got me a Marshalls AVT 275 amp.
i managed to get about 30 mins play on it and i thought it was great, the only thing was i couldn't seem to get very good metal distortion on it, which is weired because i was told it had great distortion for the bands i like (iron maiden, white zombie, immortal...).
So i just wondered if anyone had any recomended settings to get a heavy metal sound out of this amp.

overdrive 1

OD1 (in/out)
scoop (in/out)

Gain (0/10)
Volume (0/10)

Overdrive 2

OD2 (in/out)
Scoop (in out)

Gain (0/10)
Volume (0/10)

Overdrive tone

Bass (0/10)
Middle (0/10)
Treble (0/10)
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