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Originally posted by CannibalXampire
By the way, has anyone seen the new Bizkit video? I saw it because I was music video television things because I have nothing better to do with my life, and I came across two astounding revelations:
1. Bizkit's new guitarist is...oh, I don't know, I'd say he's about 14? 15 years old? Hmm...


2. He's kidnapped a girl who looks about 30 years younger than him and is rapping to her about eating her alive or whatever that phrase is a metaphor for.

God damn. Seriously.

It's not his latest clip anymore, he has a new clip already now witch i saw when i was painting the ceiling and the walls at home, i wasn't really paying attention but it seems that his latest song is an oldie from the band "the who" .. the original sounds ok from the who but again Limp Bizkit turned it into a song witch brings out stuff i would prefer to keep it inside ---->

I still hope that somebody would do the world a favour and just let Huge piano fall down right on top of that fred durst, so i can piss on the leftover remainings of his bloody squashed corpse. sorry normaly i am not that violent but for him i can make an exception
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