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Originally posted by sanderinos
Good music is allways put away for good paying music... LIke at wacken 2003 a crap band like holy moses plays the mainstage while a years-running band like ancient rites plays in the tent!

Holy moses did suck indeed. CRAPBAND, and that name.. sheeesh.. and whats her name from sinister was on stage?? It says on the wacken site but i didn't believed it, i mean that slutty looking "female" on stage didn't even looked like Rache!

But Ancient Rites played in the tent because they wanted to. Ancient Rites doesn't want all the publicity they said on stage and i quote: Fuck commercialism, we stay underground* and although that tent was white, it didn't fucked up the gig of ancient rites. Ancient Rites and Thyrfing had the best gigs on 2003 if you ask me.
Anyway Wacken 2003 was a perfect festival... and i am defenatly going this year again! Are you coming along Sanderinos?
Ok than get your driverslicence then... so you can drive

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