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The first one I liked because it turned the nemesis into the victim. I especially liked the chorus. It just had a "your turn to eat shit now" attitude. The good guy won after all. Cool.

2nd one-- This had some cool imagery in it. A little more fictious drama but the flow was good and I liked the reps in it. Some blast beats in the reps and very full blown metal would sound good waning to the last spoken part.

3rd-- I was so surprised the day I heard my grandmother expressing her doubts of her religious beliefs, but throughout the ages people have questioned the existence of God and Jesus. It's all through the Bible. But as His children, children ask questions. If we're receptive and listen, we get answers. At least, I have. And it doesn't always mean we do as we're told either. It's not the deeds we do though it's the faith we have , and I think receiving from Him makes faith easier.
There's a lot of validity in what you wrote. There's a lot of why's and what if's. Many give just the lip service of how things are supposed to be, but they don't live it 24/7 or think God only exists on Sundays. To me that's not right. I'm not saying I'm any sort of holy, but I do know who's loved me and who is very real to me.
I'm almost thinking a counter point to the song would be good. If I'm getting that you are a believer. I've heard other songs that speak of secular living that becomes changed in attitude when certain things are finally realized. They know the words to use , but can't really feel it in their heart's until something remarkable happens.

And now I'll quit my babbling. You're quite talented though.
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