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Three new songs...
The first is my newest. The third song, Read Your Lines, was written at a time where I was questioning religion, so it means a lot to me even though I'm pretty set on Christianity.

Death Sentence
-Frank S.

Now I'm bleeding on myself again
By your hand, always wanted this to end.
When the time comes, you say you'll be there
Yet I'm always left with only silence and dead air.
A traitor's lies are all that you've made
I see it in the faces of the friends you've played.
Who will save you when I settle the score?
Now you're going to get what's yours

Payback for your whole fuckin scheme
Stand over your tomb, it's about to begin
No one around to hear your screams
Dug your grave, now I'm pushing you in

Rise above this, I told myself
This isn't your time or your hell.
Behind the smile, looking deep I see,
Your evil ways brought you down to your knees.
It's your time to go, as you will find
Feel what it's like to be stabbed from behind
As your blood drips out from the blade inside,
Now you feel the pain that once was mine.

Times change... Times change...
Times change... Times change...


|-| Siege of The Throne |-|
-A black metal song by Frank S. & Garrett M.

Blood-filled lakes and fiery sky
This path has been walked before
The mighty tyrants unleash
The rage of aeons, a mighty force
Dark hellions arise, rise up and
Dethrone, devour, destroy

Duskfall and cries in the night
Chilling sound of cracking bone
The kingdom falls tonight
Such is the fate of the cursed throne

Screams let out, only to be carried away,
Muted by thick air as they fall back
Seeds of evil grown; time to play
A once great castle defiled by the black.
Dark hellions arise, rise up and
Dethrone, devour, destroy

~ending (spoken with no instruments)~
As the ashes of dark destruction lay,
Death was the answer, the only way.
From the ultimate dark, the hellspawn mamed
the throne now gone, for it was consumed amidst the fiercest of flames


{+} Read Your Lines {+}
-Frank S.

It starts as a feeling, turns into an emotional ride
The time flies by as you sit and think of why
You just can't see the pain within me
Because you don't give a shit from what I see
You continue to fight it, push it all down
It's right there in your mouth, yet you only frown
I constantly feed you with the biggest sign
But if you don't take time, you can't have time

So this is what it's like
To feel hollow day to day
Just like living a lie
Just another actor in the play

I still resist, can't seem to give in
So much I've missed, I just can't win
Everything I've ever known and all I was taught
A distant reminder of gullible childish thought
Give him something to believe in, and he'll be fine
But when the time comes, where is the divine?
A thought process created within the head
Empty and meaningless, this I must shed...

A life of restriction, reflection, restraint
A life devoid of conviction and emotional strength
Plaguing my mind with these blasphemous thoughts
If I let it all out just for once, I'll get caught
Where confusion is born we need to grab on tight
To whatever we can just to make it through the night
So believable and easy to comprehend
No wonder this has become such a trend

Mr. Anderson...
I am the alpha | of your omega
I am the beginning | of your end
-So sayeth the Smith
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