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Originally posted by Pentacle
more tracks on the new album would be great. The could have shortened that last song. What the hell were they thinking about that stupid cowboy stuff in the middle of the song??
Besides that it's a good album, not as good as dahmer. I think they won't make more very good albums...

I agree allthough thinking they won't make more very good albums is taking it a step too far i think.Don't underestimate them.I liked the concept of a whole album about one particular killer better too.
As we place this wretched waste of a man into his final rotting place.
We pray for his soul to be stripped and tormented
of all that is proper, to burn his sins,
In the witness of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Ghost, his soul will fall below the valley of death.
Left to rot forever, to never be free, never return.
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